Easy to use

The cover is put on the scooter with the easy movement of a hand.


It weighs no more than 100 grams. Takes a minimum of space and can be fixed on the steering rack.


It closes both wheels and scooter deck. The waterproof material allows the packaging of a wet scooter.


Convenient to use with a belt mounted on a scooter.

There are 5 sizes of cover:

The cover is a large bag with an elastic band that completely covers the wheels and the scooter deck. There is no belt or handles.
Material waterproof with PU coating.
When folded, the cover practically does not take up space, and if necessary it can be mounted on the steering rack.
The weight of the cover is only 80-100 grams. depending on the model.
Colors: black, claret, blue, red, green, gray.
Price 10 euros.

Also available is a universal shoulder strap for carrying a scooter.
This is a slightly redesigned analog of the Xootr belt.
A wide 50mm sling allows you to carry even heavy electric scooters.
Tested on Shulz 200, Xiaomi Mijia M365, Ninebot 2/4ES, E-TWOW, Speedway 4 mini and Jack Hot.
Price 7 euros.

Scooter Cover


Scooter Belt


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Covers can be purchased from me personally in Moscow.
It is also possible to arrange delivery by Russian Post with a track number.
Delivery cost 8 euros. Payment via PayPal

E-mail: tidyrider@yandex.ru
Tel., WhatsApp: +7(919)999-4154 (Georgy)